(No longer under active development - just for reference)

   A wxWidgets dialog based print utility.

It is intended to be a clone of Jeff Prosise's venerable PC Mag utility WINPRN published back in June 1994.

New: Feb 25/09 - Updated to latest beta version 0.5 - build 890. See Read Me for details.

License & Disclaimer

The software is released as is, without any warranty of any kind.

You are free to use, give away and copy the program.

You may not charge for it in any way.

It is very much a beta software. It is stable on my system, but not all intended features have been implemented and/or tested under all conditions

At present I am not ready to make the program open-source, partly because it is almost continuously in a state of flux and partly because I do not want to get involved in maintenance.

If you find it useful, drop me a line. If not, let me know. I may try to fix the problems if I can find the time and it seems serious enough and it won't break anything else.

Same applies to suggestions for improvements or features.

Since I use the utility on a regular basis myself, chances are that - other than setup problems - I will run into the problem myself sooner or later and, if it is serious enough, I'll likely fix it to make my own life easier. :-)

Screen shots

              Main dialog
              Preferences dialog

Unicode Version Installer Win XP/Vista

ANSI Version Installer - Win95/98/ME