On related pages of this web site you will find remedies which have helped and continue to help me relieve the very common and annoying symptoms of sore throats, congested sinuses as well as soothing relief for insect bites and stings.

Hildegard of Bingen, a Benedictine nun, lived in Germany from 1098 till 1179. She wrote several books and also composed music consisting of some 77 religious chants as well as a musical.

About Hildegard's Language

However, those herbs, which, without human labour, grow from seed and which spring up suddenly and speedily like wild animals, are not suited for eating ....Just the same, some of these are remedies and do suppress the harmful and diseased humors in man.

From Hildegard's introduction to the first book on plants in Physica

The book from which the remedies on this site are taken is called 'Physica' - more specifically from its first chapter 'On Plants'.
'Physica' deals extensively in several sections with the characteristics and medicinal properties of a wide variety of plants, trees, animals as well as minerals and metals.

In describing these effects she uses terms which are unfamiliar to us now, but which fit in with her world view as explained in some of her other books. Thus she speaks of 'humors' or fluids within the human body, she ascribes 'hot', 'cold', 'dry' or 'damp' properties to the remedies she describes.

For more details, please refer to any one of a number of English translations of her works.
The healing effects of her 'medicines' are generally independent of the world view she held.

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