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We purposely do not show any graphics of the plants we're discussing. It is your responsibility to be sure you have identified them correctly! This is particularly important during the season when there are no flowers present, which normally aid in identification.

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See also the comments on using common sense below!

colcan littleColumbine - Aquilegia vulgaris



Columbine is cold. .... Anyone who coughs up a lot of phlegm, should mix columbine with honey and eat some frequently, and the phlegm will be reduced and it will clean him in this way. ...

Hildegard of Bingen, from Physica

This plant seems to grow well in all temperate zones and is represented by a wide variety of species with flowers in a range of colors, sometimes two-tone, from deep blue and purple to red, to pink, yellow and white, all with graceful spurs, sometimes straight, sometimes curved.

colcan littleUsage

While Hildegard recommends mixing (chopped) Columbine leaves with honey, I have had excellent results with eating the leaves plain when they are fresh from the garden - usually several (3 - 4) times a day until the symptoms disappear. - The leaves taste much like snow peas.

For winter use, I do chop up a handful of fresh leaves in the spring when they are very tender and cover them with liquid honey, stir it well and then store the mixture in a the tightly covered jar in the fridge.
I make several fresh batches every spring for myself and to give to my family when they need it.

  Common Sense: When you are new to such herbal remedies, it is best to initially test them only in very small amounts, to be sure it does not cause you any problems and to eliminate any possibility of allergies and such.
It goes without saying that the plant material should be organically grown and clean and free of all fertilizer and pesticides - if you do use them. Otherwise wash and clean everything thoroughly!

Know the plants : Before using any plant material, be absolutely sure that you have identified the plant correctly, especially during the season when flowers are not present!

If in doubt, try a very small piece at first.

  Plant Pests: In general, Columbine is bothered by very few pest, but if you do have problems, you'd best check with your local garden center or search the internet.
As the summer wears on the leaves may get some leaf miners which make themselves known by small brownish tracks in the leaves.